Welcome to Yalelo

Yalelo is a pioneer of aquaculture in Zambia, bringing together local resources and world-leading practices. We implement a scalable solution to ease the pressure on Zambia’s struggling wild-capture fisheries sector. Founded in 2011, we have grown quickly to become the leading fisheries firm in Zambia and among the largest aquaculture firms in Africa. We breed and grow our tilapia on the shores of Lake Kariba and sell our product fresh nation-wide. Our pristine water, locally produced non-GMO fish feed and a robust cold-chain results in a product quality and affordability that is transforming the customer experience.

Our Fish

We grow tilapia fish in the open waters and stunning beauty of Lake Kariba. Our pens are the largest in Africa, providing an open environment to swim far and deep against natural lake currents. This environment produces a fish that is stronger and leaner, with a taste our customers have come to love over generations. We never use antibiotics, chemicals or growth hormones. Our fish enjoy a diet based on local Zambian soy, maize and wheat. They don’t eat mud, waste or algae that can be found at the bottom of fish ponds. Because our fish eat only the high-quality balanced diet we provide them there’s no mystery about what is on your plate. Using only the best local fish food keeps our fish healthy and gives a great clean taste!

Our Environment

Zambia has experienced devastating over-fishing during the last decade. Tilapia fish was once caught locally in abundance, creating thousands of jobs but now most fish in urban markets is imported frozen from Asia. Zambia’s growing population and wealth adds further pressure to the national “fish gap”. Yalelo exists as an environmentally sustainable solution to this problem. The pristine waters of Lake Kariba enable us to produce Africa’s finest tilapia and our business depends on maintaining that environment. We minimise our environmental footprint at every step through the active implementation of our Environmental Management Plan. Beyond any minimum requirements, we work with the people, organisations and government of Zambia to ensure the ongoing environmental health of the Lake Kariba region.

Our Community

When the team that produce Yalelo tilapia is healthy and happy, the fish it produces are Africa’s finest. We invest in a high quality of life in Siavonga, where our staff live and work. That means fair wages, real community engagement and support for local services such as schools and clinics. In a challenging geography we reliably ensure the health and wellness of our people both at work and home. We organise community sports programmes, provide continuous funding of local schools, contribute to cultural events and serve as a focal point for many wellness services such as traveling dentists and eye clinics.

Our Customers

Tilapia is an excellent part of a healthy diet. It is a natural source of protein and calcium while being low in fat and cholesterol. Yalelo’s professional local production is lowering the cost tilapia, making animal protein more affordable and presenting a strong value proposition relative to chicken, pork and beef. We place our fish on ice from the moment of harvest and deliver nation-wide using our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. This reliable cold-chain provides customers with a traceable quality they can depend on. Yalelo, from the local Nyanja word “today!”, reminds our customers daily that we’re Zambia’s favourite fresh local fish!


To lead Zambia in becoming a regional fisheries powerhouse, by sustainably developing its fisheries resources.


To significantly strengthen national food security by sustainably producing a reliable supply of affordable fish.


Yalelo’s efficient, scalable and sustainable aquaculture practices ease the pressure from decades of over-fishing.


Yalelo is improving national food-security, making tilapia more affordable and improving community livelihoods.