We recognise that international investment can create both wealth and imbalance. We appreciate that Yalelo must play a role in rectifying legacy disadvantages through the empowerment of local residents. Our approach is to ensure that the value that our employees bring to our operations is reciprocated by value that the Company offers to their careers and livelihoods and also to Zambian society.


We currently employ 550 full time team members. Our employees are core to our success as a business. Empowering our employees requires a safe and healthy environment, opportunities to develop and recognition for good performance. Effective management of human capital attracts, develops and retains the best talent.

Local Community

Empowering communities and contributing to their long-term social, economic and infrastructural development is an investment in the company’s future and provides a solid foundation for future success.


Yalelo is implementing several local community support programmes. Currently we are focusing on:

1. Local medical dispensary. Our dispensary, to be managed in collaboration with the Zambian Health Service, will provide vital medicines such as anti-malarials, rehydration sales and micro-nutrients to our staff, their extended families and local residents

2. HIV/ADS and malaria awareness. HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment is particularly important within our community, which is comprised of many highly-mobile, active fishermen and women. Yalelo provides professional HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness and prevention training to all staff. This includes workshops, training materials and facilitating materials such as bednets and condoms

3. Football and netball pitches. Yalelo is currently building two football and netball pitches in local villages for free and open use by the community. We are also supplying footballs/netballs and sponsoring the local football and netball team. Sports provide a social platform to encourage healthy living, strong community bonds and a framework within which to implement additional programmes such as HIV/AIDS awareness

Yalelo is a pioneer of aquaculture in Zambia, bringing together local resources and world-leading practices.  We're Zambia's #1 Fish!

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