About Us

Yalelo is a pioneer of aquaculture in Zambia, bringing together local resources and world-leading practices. Founded in 2011, we have grown quickly to become the leading fisheries business in Zambia and among the largest aquaculture business in Africa.

We implement a scalable solution to ease the pressure on Zambia’s struggling wild-capture fisheries sector. We breed and grow our tilapia on the shores of Lake Kariba and sell our product fresh and frozen across eastern and southern Africa. Our pristine water, locally produced non-GMO fish feed and a robust cold-chain results in a product quality and affordability that is transforming the customer experience.

Yalelo is part of the FirstWave Group of companies. FirstWave Group owns and operates a vertically integrated group of companies across the production, distribution, and retail of aquafeed and tilapia in southern and eastern Africa.

Our Vision

To lead Zambia in becoming a regional fisheries powerhouse, by sustainably developing its fisheries resources.

Our Mission

To improve livelihoods by making sustainably-produced affordable protein abundantly available in Africa.

Our Partners

Outside of commercial operations, we continue to partner with our communities to deliver a lasting social impact continuously monitored through the IRIS monitoring and evaluation framework.

Our Community

Empowering communities and contributing to their long-term social, economic and infrastructural development is an investment in the company’s future and provides a solid foundation for future success.

Our Practices

Yalelo’s efficient, scalable and sustainable aquaculture practices ease the pressure from decades of over-fishing. Being an environmentally friendly fishery and sustainable aquaculture farm is an important aspect of Yalelo’s process.

Working with local authorities and the government Yalelo has set commitments that address environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and traceability. By doing so, we can preserve our waters and fish for future generations.