• Vision

    To lead Zambia in becoming a regional fisheries powerhouse, by sustainably developing its fisheries resources

  • Mission

    To implement and scale sustainable aquaculture as a long-term solution to malnourishment

  • Environment

    Yalelo’s modern aquaculture practices will contribute towards ending decades of disastrous over-fishing

  • Partnership

    Multi-stakeholder partnerships are core to the success of Aquaculture in Zambia

Welcome to Yalelo!

Yalelo is the leading producer of fresh tilapia fish in Zambia. Fish is in chronic undersupply in Zambia and surrounding countries due to a long period of booming consumption which has depleted natural stocks. Consumers have turned to expensive frozen imports but would quickly switch to a fresh local brand. Yalelo has assembled a world-class local management team, experienced in aquaculture.


Yalelo grows organic tilapia fish in Lake Kariba, Zambia. Fish are fed a grain-based diet and grow in floating nets on the open water. Yalelo uses the latest aquaculture techniques to ensure fish welfare and optimal growth.


Yalelo is closely integrated with its community through a relationship of mutual benefit and respect. In addition to providing quality local employment, we are also engaged in numerous community empowerment projects.


Over-fishing is an undisputed problem globally and particularly in Zambia. Yalelo is directly reversing the trend by breeding and growing sustainable tilapia. Food security is strengthened, local diets are improved and wild fish can re-populate.


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